Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have taken to YouTube like a little kid takes to candy!  I have found so many ideas for my crafting, that it makes me go back for more.  Most evenings, once my little followers, I mean darlings, are in bed, I can be found in my schoolroom/ craftroom working up a storm!  I will post pictures of this amazing space later tonight after all of my darlings are off to dreamland. 
My iPad is plugged in and running an interesting tutorial on how to make or recreate a version to some new mini book, junk journal, or embellishments and my desk is covered with all kinds of stuff.  It's so much fun!  Most evenings, I am making myself walk away after the bell has struck midnight.  The house is quiet and my creative flair comes alive!  I have created 3 smash journals (aka. junk journals) and 2 mini books this month.  It has been fun learning how to recycle materials around the house to create works of art.... and yes, recycling an empty toliet paper roll can be used to create a great work of art! 
I have allowed crafting to be my relaxation after my busy days of raising and chasing children.  My children are supporters, students,and even recipients to some of my projects.  They always know where to find me. 
I've also begun participating in swaps and RAK's through the cricut website...LOADS OF FUN!  I am getting ready to send out some RAK goodies to other crafters and I am waiting to receive some as well.  I also have the assignment to create a smash/junk journal for a lady in Indiana.  She wants a boy/kid journal, which will be lots of fun to create!  While another lady is making me a journal...hopefully with a great vintage twist!  I shall post photos of that once I receive it.
So grateful for YouTube and so glad there are other crafters as dedicated to the cause as I am!