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As I type the title to this page, I think of the line to a song from one of my children's movies.  The line goes, "this is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be now..." I can truly say, life is good!  I am the wife of a pastor, a mom to 5 children (somedays, I actually surprise myself with that realization)!  I homeschool my children, we foster children, I coupon, I like going to thrift shops, and I craft...oh and I get some housework done during the day.  
 I love reading blogs and dreaming of recreating beauty from old run down findings from the thrift store.  I also love sitting at my desk creating cards or painting on canvas or in my journals.  When I go to my most cozy place in the house, it's there that I catch some of my favorite shows...Criminal Minds is my absolute fav.  There are days when I am all over the place, whether in the car or just in my mind and sometimes on those most special moments, I am sitting in complete calm enjoying the peace and quiet.

 (This is my youngest daughter...she's our biggest comedian.  She gets it from her daddy.)

Jesus is the lifeline in our family.  In all we do, we are striving to be more like Him.  We want to serve Him more, love more and use the lives He has given us to glorify Him.  
This blog will share many of the things I am working on.  It may involve homeschooling, DIY's, or making something crafty with paper.
As you read this blog, I hope that you find something you can take with you to help you in your daily journey.  Whether it be encouragement, laughter or just a few minutes of peace, I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite things!

I'd love to hear from you!  You can email me at

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