Saturday, April 16, 2011

A New Beginning

This is the start of something new for me in my crafting world.  I love making cards!  It's not just a hobby, but an outlet for escape from children, work and many chaotic moments.  The desire to start a blog came after my wonderful husband gave me a laptop.  We had a laptop and even a home computer, neither of which were super reliable, so the thought of having my own laptop for MY OWN personal use seemed a little excessive.  However, as I have had the opportunity to play around on my new computer, I have discovered a new outlet for expanding my creative passion for cardmaking.  Because I love making cards, I have made many only to send them on to others with words of encouragement and love.  Often times, I will make a few of the same layout because I really like the look.  But now as I create this blog, I have a new way to save layouts that I am especially proud of.   Could this be the start of a new monster project in my life?  Who knew when a friend of mine turned me on to cardmaking that a giddy monster schoolgirl would come alive?  Whatever may transpire, I hope that it will only continue to encourage others and that the Creator of my life will be blessed.

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  1. I love and enjoy getting cards from a very talented card maker!!!! I am excited for this new adventure for you. I may have to learn some pointers from you to start my own blog - I know I need to. :)