Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special Containers

I used a baby formula can to create this gift.  After wrapping the can in paper, I cut out the baby's name from my Cricut, added ribbons on the rims and flower embellishments to her name.  The lid was covered with paper, ribbon and a larger flower embellishment.  The can could be used to hold hair accessories or a slit could be cut into the top to create a piggy bank.

This Memory Jar was created to celebrate Mary's 50 years of service in the nursing field.  Her favorite colors are blue and yellow so those two colors became my base colors for the entire jar.  I used lots of different paper and ribbons. 

I used the Everyday
Paper Dolls
cartridge on the Cricut to create nursing embellishments for the jar.  The cartridge even includes bandaids!

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