Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

What a sweet day...Mother's Day.  I became a momma 11 years ago and just can't imagine a life without my children.  I gladly accept the title and all of the work that goes along with being a momma.
The day was filled with activity and love from my children.  My husband and children were up and ready for church before I got out of the shower today, which means I didn't have to help anyone get ready to go.  They had cards and gifts ready for me.  I received flowers, balloons, chocolate goodies and cards.  I also received  a new bicycle for the special day.  My children and husband love going bike riding and have been pushing me to get a bike so that I can join them.  Well while I was napping today, my husband went out and bought me a new bike.  It is cute and "vintagey".  It has a basket on the front and includes a cup holder.  We took two long bike rides today.

After a home cooked meal for lunch, I got to take a nap.  I enjoy Mother's Day because it is the one day all year that I am told not to work.  My children want to take care of me for the day...which includes cleaning I let them.
God has truly blessed me and I can say I had another great Mother's Day this year.

My mom and mother in law wore their mom rosettes to church today.  Here's a picture of my mom wearing her's.  My dad took the picture and sent it to me.

She is such a great mom!  She is a tough and yet gentle mom.  I am proud to call her mine.  

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