Monday, April 15, 2013

Art Day

Mondays typically are our art lesson days.  After lunch, I pull out our guide book, Artistic Pursuits, and our collection of materials needed, then I call the children together.  They LOVE art day.  We discuss the lesson and I give them their assignment and they go to town.  I like to step out of the room while they work and listen to them discuss their work with each other.  Once each child is done with their piece, I will lay it out to dry before hanging on our Art bulletin board.

Today's assignment was to draw an experience they have had.  This is what they came up with...
Silas remembers the time he went to the water park with his aunt, siblings and cousins.

Faith remembers when we took a family trip to Disney World.

Levi also painted a picture of the water park with his aunt.

Lizzy was excited about learning how to ride her bicycle without training wheels.

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