Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blessings, Bloodwork and the Dentist Office

This was a manic Monday for sure!  The morning started too early for me as my husband was already awake and getting moving for work by 6am.  I'm NOT a morning person! Though a rough and busy beginning, I was determined to get the week started right.  First, I had to pray a blessing over my family.  My youngest son, has begun to pray the blessing over me after I've prayed it over him.  This is good for this momma's heart.  

I had to get bloodwork done for an upcoming oncology appointment and my husband needed to get to work.  There are many errands I will run with my children, but taking them to my doctor's office, is not one I ever want to repeat!  I also had a mountain of laundry to complete for the day and had very little laundry soap...therefore, my plan was, I will run to get my blood drawn and pick up laundry soap on my way home. Simple task.  

I got into the office shortly after it opened and found I was third in line.  (This only happens when I am in a hurry.)  Normally, I wouldn't mind waiting, but today was different.  As I watched the dear nurse try to get a line going for another patient who was receiving chemo, my heart was so stirred.  This nurse has done this very procedure probably thousands of times before, so it was nothing new.  But today, for this patient, she was having a difficult time finding a cooperative vein.  As I watched this older woman endure the pokes of a needle and hear her groans of discomfort, my heart and mind were stirred to think of my ailing grandmother.  My grandmother just turned 85 last week.  A feat I didn't think would happen.  You see, my grandmother has been bound to her nursing home bed, slowly dying for weeks.  She's not dying from illness, though she does show signs of dementia.  Her body has simply run it's course and is running out of steam.  Though I'm grateful it wasn't her sitting in that chemo chair, taking the pokes of a tiny needle, I was so saddened because I knew at any given moment she could be enduring her own pain.  She can't move around to find a more comfortable place to lay anymore.  She can't get up to stretch her legs.  There isn't a medication she could take to help heal her body.  While I pray that the Lord will bring her comfort, I know the only comfort that will come is when He takes her home to be with Him in Heaven.  While that does bring comfort, it still is painful. 

Later that day, my two oldest children had a dentist appointment.  After being there for over two hours, I was ready to go home!  They were new patients in this office and it was just a six month cleaning..but it seemed to take forever!  My girl will need a lot of work as she has a small mouth and a lot of overcrowding, but my son walked out with a good report.  

I know God hasn't promised us a life on easy street.  We each have to deal with the needles and crowded teeth of life.  You see, we have a spiritual enemy who can't stand us and will try every angle to ruin our lives.  Did this day go the way I wanted?  Nope.  In fact, I was ready for the day to end early.  But I know that I serve a God who does care for us.  He cares that my heart hurts for my grandma.  He cares when I cry out to Him to make the hard parts of life go away.  James 1:2-4 tells me to consider it pure joy when I face trials.  I long for sunshine and roses all day, everyday.  But until that day comes, I will work to endure in this life until I am complete, lacking nothing.

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